Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Journey is Beginning...

So after 4 days of my children having the stomach flu (and fearing for myself!), I started my natural supplements today. I haven't gotten my other test results back yet, so I'm excited for that. But more importantly, I am hopeful for what this new NATURAL supplement regimen is going to do for my cortisol levels, my epilepsy, and for ME! :) Most importantly, I guess for my family. Some days I wonder how they put up with me! I guess I should just apologize every morning when I get up for what is inevitably going to come out of my mouth at some point during the day, due to my lack of energy and patience. Anyways, back to the subject-I'll keep you posted on how I feel the next few days, introducing new supplements gradually.

I am halfway through the book Dr. Cohen recommended to me. So far it has helped me come to the conclusion that I am in serious need of some medical attention...wait...I knew that! I think I'm starting to get to the good stuff-where he tells me how to heal myself. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here We Go!

This is it, the beginning of a new venture for me...blogging my progress as I strive for improved health and financial freedom.
First, a little bit about me:
I was diagnosed with mid-life onset of epilepsy last March. It has been a long year for us with lots of visits to see different doctors, trying to find an answer. I have lost my identity, my memory, my drive, my love of life. Every day I have prayed for an answer...not even a cure, just an answer. Every doctor I have seen says simply that there is no explanation...just keep taking the'll have to take it for the rest of your life. This is the medication that makes me want to sleep all day, or feel like I AM sleeping all day! Their solution? Take an anti-depressant!
In May of 2008, we were introduced to the Trump Network by a wonderful friend of ours, trying to help me find a balance in my life and my body! I took the Privatest and started to take the custom essentials and immediately felt a difference in myself. Don't get me wrong, I certainly wasn't cured, but it definitely helped me with the everyday challenges, like getting out of bed, loss of energy, etc. I could feel myself coming back. Kory and I discussed taking all of the tests that our company has to offer, but we let life take over and put that idea on hold.
In continuing to struggle with partial seizures and on and off days, we never stopped looking for a new doctor. That was when Dr. Bergman, a fellow Trump Network marketer, referred us to a colleague of his who is a holistic neurologist (a board-certified neurologist also certified in holistic medicine). We figured it was worth a try!
Dr. Cohen spent more time with me than any of the other doctors combined. She ordered some tests, one of which was a cortisol test. Cortisol is a chemical/hormone released by our bodies in time of stress, to help your body react as well as recover from stressful situations. We met with Dr. Cohen yesterday and found out that my body is in total adrenal failure...basically it's not making cortisol because it has exhausted all of its resources to do so. This is a condition that is completely reversible, and could easily be pinpointed as the cause for everything I have been going through this past year, including the epilepsy. It is easily treated with natural supplementation, which is the route I'm going.
The kicker here is that Kory and I realized that the Trump Network, OUR COMPANY, offers the exact same test that Dr. Cohen did! Had we done what we had originally planned and taken all of the tests, we would have begun addressing this problem in May, saving us much heartache and undue stress. The answer was right under our noses and we didn't see it!!!
On that note I have to ask you all to take a second look at your health. You may think you are perfectly healthy, or that you don't need a custom supplement, whatever may be the case. The point here is that I thought I was perfectly healthy as well, until I had a seizure in the shower, broke all of my front teeth off, and watched as my life was turned upside down. Don't wait until your life is turned upside down to be proactive about your health. If you don't use the incredible, affordable products that the Trump Network (and Ski and I) have to offer, please go somewhere, and never take your health for granted.
God bless you, and here's to a healthy future for all of us! Have an incredible day!