Thursday, February 2, 2012

Believe in yourself and others will too!

I have struggled in the past few years to let go of my concerns about the opinions of others. What do people think of epilepsy? Will they think I'm weird? Will they notice that I'm different? I've struggled with confidence in many aspects of my life because of self-doubt. BUT, I'm finally realizing that people are going to react to me as the person that I am, the person I believe myself to be. If I don't believe in myself and my ability to beat epilepsy or teach math and science, or build my one else will believe in me either. They will see my lack of confidence and take that as lack of skill, lack of ability to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Opportunities will continue to escape me until I learn to believe in myself so that others can do the same. I am finally learning this and guess what....the doors are opening for me. Huh...what do you know?? Believe in yourself, my friend. It will change your life!