Monday, March 19, 2012

The Battle Continues...

It has been almost 2 years since my last cluster of seizures. TWO YEARS!! I continue to go about each day taking my medication and living my life "normally". I do all of the things that are in my job description as "wife and mother" (you know, taxi driver, catechist, personal shopper, personal chef, housekeeper, bookkeeper, tutor, disciplinarian, wardrobe assistant, school advocate, etc.), along with working my home based business, AND I LOVE IT. However, the cold hard fact is that I have epilepsy. One seizure could change everything for me. It's easy to take these past 2 years for granted, to live like I don't have epilepsy. Then BAM! I have a crazy experience that brings it all to light. I have taken advantage of my good health. I know I am doing the right thing by living a "normal" life, by not allowing epilepsy to stop me from doing the things I love. But, I must also respect this unpredictable nuisance called epilepsy. The biggest challenge is not having control, not knowing when it will strike. Two years with little to no symptoms and it comes on out of the blue. Who does this epilepsy character think it is?? I am not about to curl up in a ball and allow it to take me under. I refuse. I will continue to fight. I will continue to be a mother and a wife and to live the life I have been blessed with. I thank God for my incredible family and supportive friends, and for the gift of His presence in my life. Where would I be without Him? Probably curled up in a ball somewhere...


  1. You have always been and always will be one of the strongest, most faith-filled, beautiful women I know. You truly are blessed in so many ways. I am glad that you are a fighter and today I lift up my prayers for you in encouragement, thanksgiving, hope and inspiration!
    Love you bestie!

  2. I am the man blessed to have you as my wife. After what I have seen you accomplish and conquer there is no doubt this Epylespy character ia about to get it's ASS kicked again. Thank you for being the strongest women I know. You make every day for our family a blessing. I love you Mama and I am right here to help you through.

    God please be with Jen. Mother Mary give her strength.

    I love you